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This vocabulary has been prepared for use in connection with my "Practical Malay Grammar.

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Storm, ribot.

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Tea leaves, dauin teh. Calculus, batu-batuan. Tailor Indiandirzi, derji.

Hiccough, sdu. Tough, kras.

X" rau, ber-gu'rau, to jest. Deck, dek. Mutton, daging kambing.

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Clean, berseh. Vicious, jahat. Peas, kachang. Pillow case, sarong bantal Pin, pniti. Heave up, to windlassabis.

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Anchorage, labohan. Long chair, kursi panjang. Skin, kulit. Maize, jagong. In this vocabulary no attempt has been made to indicate the original Arabic pronunciation; the aim has been to accentuate every word in the way in which it is ordinarily pronounced by Malays in the colloquial language. Heeling over, serget.

Bilge water, ayer ruang. Bng-galia Bengalee. Jiu'jan ba'tu, hail. Scurvy, saratan.


Great care, however, has been taken in the selection of the words, and it is hoped that very few which are in common use or are sfx to be needed by the student in the first two or three years of his study of the language have been omitted. Ahead, di muka.

Mouth, mulut. I -bam', discoloured, as the result of a bruise.

Pulasan, pulasan. Shin, tulang kring. Firewood, kayu api.

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Iai'gai, iurq'garg larg'garg, hel- ter-skelter, head over heels. Twelve, dua blas.

Captain nativenakhoda. Lights, lampu, plita. D da'chiig, a steelyard.

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Four, ampat. Ja'wa, Java; usually ta'nali Ja'- wa. Drift, to, hanyut.

Twenty-two, dua puloh dua or dua lekor. Dates, khurma. Fork, garfu.

Sofa, kauchi. Kick, to, tndang. Hair of the headrambot.